Language Learning for Grown ups
Drinking Just Got Smarter

How does it work?

You learned your first language by talking to people. Why should your second (third and fourth) be any different? We started out to change the way people learn languages. Beerlingual is exactly like any other language class, except it's in a bar. And it's free. Ok, so it's nothing like any other language class.


Show up and meet your teammates. You'll get grouped with people of a similar level.

Drink and Learn

It's self-explanatory. There will be games. There will be drinking. There will be learning.

Win Prizes

Not only do you get to learn and meet people. You can also win cool stuff. It's the best thing ever.


Get Fluid. Get Fluent.


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Buenos Aires

What's Our Story?

We started out to change the way people learn languages. Since then over 25,000 people have been to our events - and language exchange events styled after Spanglish Exchange began popping up all over the world.

  • 2008

    Our Latin American Roots

    We launched our first event in Buenos Aires and within months hundreds of people were learning with us. We started doing events for study abroad programs like NYU and IFSA-Butler.

  • 2009

    Beerlingual Launch

    We're pretty sure we were the world's first bilingual pub quiz.

  • 2010

    Spain Launch

    Our fearless event manager moved to Spain to launch Spanglish Exchange in Madrid. People loved it. They loved Beerlingual

  • 2016

    US Launch

    US - are you ready for us?

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The Team

Revolutionizing the way we learn languages.


Director - US


Director - Europe


Director - Latin America

Interested in joining us? We're always looking for motivated and multilingual people to join our team.

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